MX4D®モーションプログラム MX4D® Motion Programming

米国MediaMation社が開発し、ソニーマーケティング株式会社が国内ビジネスを展開する、劇場映画用「MX4D🄬」 のモーションプログラム制作を担当しております。MX4D公開されている邦画については、ほぼ全作品のモーション制作を当社が手掛けております。

Our company manages the creation of motion programs for MX4D cinema motion seats, developed by MediaMation, Inc. in the U.S. and provided by Sony Marketing Inc. in Japan. Moreover, we have created the motion program data for almost every Japanese movie released for MX4D in Japan.

MX4D®モーションシートとは About MX4D Motion Seats



Developed by MediaMation, Inc. in the U.S. and provided by Sony Marketing Inc. in Japan, this is an attraction-type theater seat.
These motion seats move back and forth, left and right, and up and down in time with the movie scene and can produce 11 special effects that stimulate the five senses, such as wind, mist, scents, strobing, smoke, and vibration. Visitors can experience an "attraction-like and immersive movie" that cannot be experienced in regular theaters.

日本で唯一の "MX4D®モーションプログラマー職" The Only Company for MX4D Motion Programmers in Japan

当社は日本で唯一「MX4D®モーションプログラマー」が在籍しており、全国映画館のMX4D ®作品において、邦画(実写・アニメ)のモーションプロブラムをほぼすべて当社プログラムチームで手がけております。




We are the only company in Japan that employs "MX4D motion programmers". Our team manages almost all of the motion programming for Japanese movies (live action and animation) in MX4D cinemas nationwide.

We believe our greatest strength is our ability to help filmmakers realize their vision to its greatest potential through the know-how and vast experience obtained through the production of over fifty titles

When creating the motion program data, our goal is to accurately replicate the original concept and vision as faithfully as possible into 4D. In order to achieve that, we invite the directors and production members to have a hands-on experience during development so that they can share their feedback and even make fine-tuned adjustments.
We strive to seamlessly implement 4D as one with the movie itself, without disturbing the intended viewing experience.

We are also able to accept motion-only requests in addition to requests for the creation of visuals.