XR Live Production


XR is the general term used for advanced imaging technologies that blend reality with virtual worlds, such as AR, VR and MR.
With XR×LIVE, it is possible to express characters as "living beings" on stage.
A once in a lifetime experience awaits.

リアルタイムライブ制作 Real-Time Live Production


We offer live performances where CG characters perform on stage, reacting to the audience's voices in real-time and conversing with them, providing an event that brings the audience together in excitement.

In addition to live performances at actual venues, we can also provide live performances delivered from virtual venues, such as recorded broadcasts by VTubers and livestream services.

モーションキャプチャー撮影 Motion Capture


We create motion capture data in cooperation with our collaboration studio.
We are also able to provide animation delivery time frames and cost reduction proposals that adhere to the purpose, budget, and scope of productions.