VAR LIVEコンテンツの展開 Deployment of VAR LIVE content

台湾のVAR LIVE社による製品の日本国内展開・国内版開発をダイナモアミューズメントが担当しております。

※2024年6月をもちまして、株式会社VAR LIVE JAPANのVRゲーム事業を譲受いたしました。

Dynamo Amusement is responsible for the development of various products by Taiwan's VAR LIVE in Japan and their domestic versions.

※As of June 2024, we have acquired the VR game business of VAR LIVE JAPAN Co.

取扱製品のご案内 Product Showcase



An arcade shooting cabinet based on the concept of VR-eSports. The exhilarating VR experience using a gun controller is sure to be addictive. Tournaments and events are held regularly.


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VAR LIVE(アトラクション施設) VAR LIVE (attraction facility)


Amusement facility and amusement area with a total design that collects VR attractions that can be conquered by multiple people.


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イベント / 施設プロデュース事例 Event / Facility Production Case Studies

VAR BOX-設置店舗一覧 VAR BOX-List of stores where VAR BOX is installed

全国のVAR BOX設置店舗をご確認いただけます。ゲームセンターをはじめとしたアミューズメント施設だけでなく、ジャンルを問わない様々な店舗で稼働中。

You can check VAR BOX installation stores nationwide.VAR BOX is now in operation not only in game arcades and other amusement facilities, but also in a variety of stores regardless of genre.


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城島高原パーク「VAR LIVE」 Kijima Kogen Park "VAR LIVE"

2016年から6年間、城島高原パークのアトラクションとして施設プロデュースしました。ハードコアゾンビシューティング「ZOMBIE JAIL」他、全3コンテンツを導入。

We produced the facility as an attraction at Jojima Kogen Park for 6 years starting in 2016. Introduced the hardcore zombie shooter "ZOMBIE JAIL" and 3 other contents in total.


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VAR BOX-企業対抗戦2023 >VAR BOX-Company Competition 2023


More than 100 working players from 17 companies participated in the large-scale eSports tournament. In the offline final held at Tokyo Tower was won by Fujitsu eSports Club.


Special site for Corporate Competition 2023